The Ancestors' Key

Fifteen-year-old Lola just said goodbye to life as a loner. One minute she’s living with her mom in Baltimore and hanging out with her best friend Jane and the next she’s receiving the keys to a southern mansion, boatloads of money, and an ancient family secret. She has no idea how she’s going to cope with a long-lost dad, an eccentric aunt, and a drop-dead gorgeous boy that keeps popping up everywhere she turns. Not to mention the magical book and the skeleton key that just appeared out of nowhere . . .

The Academy

Just when Lola Evers was settling into her new life in Virginia, making summer plans with her aunt and her new beau Jackson, she receives a letter summoning her to a two-week Summer Program at . . .wait for it . . . Magic school!

It seems the magic Traveling key she inherited comes with a catch: mandatory attendance at The Academy. Within days of arriving at the Academy, Lola realizes that Traveling instantly between places is the least strange thing she has done so far . . .

The Time Walker

When she returned from the Summer Program at The Academy, Lola thought the rest of her summer would be filled with family trips to the beach, lounging by the pool, and getting to know her new brother. Instead, life at the Evers Mansion is even more complicated than it was before with the appearance of new magical artifacts for Time Travel and World Jumping—which have caught the interest of some unsavory players . . . 

World Jumper 1(1).png
The World Jumper

As the Evers Series reaches its climax, Lola and Devlin uncover more about their peculiar heritage and ancestors and spend some time with the High Elves on Summerset Isle, —a world that no longer adheres to the constrictive notions of time and space. Between kidnappings, break-ins, the loss of her parents, and newfound magical abilities, will Lola find the happy ending she deserves?